Rituals and Ceremony of Ayahausca

spirit pathwaysAyahuasca is a plant that contains DMT and other chemicals that can help to give you visions and have enlightening experiences. The only way for this to go well for you is to have a skilled shaman help you. Never try to ingest Ayahuasca without guidance just to keep yourself safe.

Someone that can translate for you if you want to talk with an authentic shaman in another country to have a legitimate ceremony with is ideal to have on your side. Otherwise you may not know what you are getting into or how the ceremony should be prepared for properly. Talking to someone through the Internet with a translator of some kind that’s software based won’t get you very far. Find someone that’s local to the area that you can bring along or at least have let you know what is going to happen.

A shaman that is working with Ayahuasca probably will want to know why you are going to want to have an experience. Of course, tourism is a big part of this because a lot of people hear you can hallucinate and have psychedelic experiences with this substance. If you want to go just to get high, then you are better off not doing this at all. It can provoke strong experiences and if you are just trying to have fun it won’t end that way due to how strong of an experience it will be.

There are many centers in many countries that show up when you search. For the most part, those near the top of results are just better at marketing than others and that in no way indicates you will have the experience with them that you seek. It’s better to find people that you can get along with and that can give you an authentic experience in a small group or just with the shaman your first time. There are groups of a lot of people in some places, but it’s generally calmer when it’s just you or a few people doing the ceremony just to be sure you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Do you know that when you take Ayahuasca in that it will cause you to empty out your system and not be able to do much for many hours? You have to be guided and not do this by yourself, because if you throw up or need to use the bathroom you need help. You may think that you can handle this substance, but in reality it will be very difficult to function and is something that a good shaman can help you to deal with as long as you’re sure this is really what you wish to participate in seriously.

Anyone that has done a ceremony with a shaman can tell you it is a life-changing experience. It makes you look at the world in a whole new way, generally. It’s best to have help from someone that has ingested Ayahuasca before and that has helped others to do so many times.