Ayahausca Spirit Path

plant medicineThere are many spirit pathways to healing and wholeness. The path of Ayahausca and plant medicine is one of them.  The journey of Ayahausca to healing is not to be taken lightly.

Walking the path of the shaman and training is a path that requires intense commitment to personal healing as you develop the ability to heal others. Shamans of the amazon rain forest are the medicine man/woman of the indigenous people. There are many schools in which you can enroll to train for the spirit pathway of ayahausca, yet realize this is not a simple course of action. You will be required to face all of your stuff, your issues, the good, the bad and the ugly. The four directions carry powerful teachings and once you embark upon this course of action, there is no going back. Sure you can quit, you can stop, but the seeds of self-awareness and the burning of karma has begun and the walk through the dark night of the soul most complete itself for you to experience the light of the morning.

Ayahausca is considered one of the oldest known healing methods. Evidence from pre-Columbian rock drawings suggests hundreds of years of ayahausca use in the Amazon, although Western scientists and explorers have only been exposed to the brew over the last 150 years. In 1851 British plant explorer, Richard Spruce, discovered the Tukanoan Indians in the upper Rio Negro region of the Brazilian Amazon using a liana (vine) known as caapi to induce a state of intoxication.

Ecuadorian geographer Villavicencio first mentioned ayahausca in 1858 while he was exploring the jungles of Ecuador. He described how the source of the drink was a vine used to foresee the future battle plans of enemies, diagnose illness, determine which spells were used and which to use, welcome foreign travelers, and insure the love of their womenfolk (Shultes, 1961).

Villavicencio took the drink himself and described the experience of “flying” to marvelous places. The effects of Ayahausca can be very intense and profound; a deep energetic cleansing will take place as well as the processing and resolving of traumatic experiences.

shamanShamanism and the Spiritual Medicine Path. Brazilian Shamanism and the Amazonian plant teacher, Ayahausca. Also known as the Mother, Grandmother, the Vine of the Soul or the vine of Death. Walking the medicine path as a spiritual journey might be challenging but also extremely profound and uplifting.

Finding the spiritual path that is the one for you demands self-introspection. If you are considering enrolling into shaman training listen to your heart. Are you ready to walk the path of the shamanic training? Are you ready to face your shadow side? Are you willing to do what it takes to transform even though it may create major changes in your present life? Your relationships will change, some may go, and some may stay. You may decide that the work you are doing no longer reflects who you are or what you believe and a simpler lifestyle may result. Before your life rebuilds, you can find that all that you were previously so sure of, no longer exists. If you feel in spite of uncertainty and the unknown future you are compelled to follow this spiritual path, then you know it is the right one for you.