What is Ayahausca? 

The Mystery And Truths About Ayahuasca

plant medicineThere is a lot of mystery and wonder surrounding what Ayahuasca is exactly, and most of this wonder is due to it not being found anywhere but South America, in addition to other factors. Before considering making a journey to give it a try it is important to know exactly what it is and how it can safely be used. The best thing you can do before taking any risk is to educate yourself.

Ayahuasca, which is also commonly referred to as yage, is a chemical substance that is used for spiritual purposes that causes psychological and physical changes. It is a brew, similar to a tea, that is a mixture of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf. It is most commonly used by shamans located in the Amazon regions of South America.

Depending on the religion or beliefs behind those that utilize this drug, there are different reasons that people choose to use it, but it is known to certainly produce hallucinations that some believe to have a healing component. In fact, since the mid 1900s people have been traveling to the region in hopes of enjoying a spiritual awakening, healing emotional problems as well as beating drug addition, most commonly opiate addiction.

There is a great deal of dispute over whether or not the claims of the benefits are true. There are essentially two opinions, one that it is simply a drug that causes one to hallucinate and could possibly face serious illness or death and the opposing view that it has true healing properties that are unique to the drug itself.

There are stories of people visiting the region to experience this drugs effects to never return. It is not always clear what the cause of this is. In some cases it is known that individuals chose to not return and felt they found a better way of life. However, in other cases it is clear that they died there, but the actual cause of their death was not clear. Given these mysterious deaths, there is clearly a cause for concern as to the safety of visiting the region and using the drug.

Before deciding to visit and use the drug, you certainly should do a great deal of research. Some shamans are known world-wide as being trust worthy. Those shamans believe that they are doing a service … read more

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Rituals and Ceremony of Ayahausca

spirit pathwaysAyahuasca is a plant that contains DMT and other chemicals that can help to give you visions and have enlightening experiences. The only way for this to go well for you is to have a skilled shaman help you. Never try to ingest Ayahuasca without guidance just to keep yourself safe.

Someone that can translate for you if you want to talk with an authentic shaman in another country to have a legitimate ceremony with is ideal to have on your side. Otherwise you may not know what you are getting into or how the ceremony should be prepared for properly. Talking to someone through the Internet with a translator of some kind that’s software based won’t get you very far. Find someone that’s local to the area that you can bring along or at least have let you know what is going to happen.

A shaman that is working with Ayahuasca probably will want to know why you are going to want to have an experience. Of course, tourism is a big part of this because a lot of people hear you can hallucinate and have psychedelic experiences with this substance. If you want to go just to get high, then you are better off not doing this at all. It can provoke strong experiences and if you are just trying to have fun it won’t end that way due to how strong of an experience it will be.

There are many centers in many countries that show up when you search. For the most part, those near the top of results are just better at marketing than others and that in no way indicates you will have the experience with them that you seek. It’s better to find people that you can get along with and that can give you an authentic experience in a small group or just with the shaman your first time. There are groups of a lot of people in some places, but it’s generally calmer when it’s just you or a few people doing the ceremony just to be sure you don’t have to be embarrassed.

Do you know that when you take Ayahuasca in that it will cause you to empty out your system and not be able to do much for many hours? You have to be guided and not do this by yourself, because if you throw up or need … read more

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Ayahausca and Spiritual Pathways Preparation

quartzcrystalThe quality of your Ayahuasca experience will be largely dependent on the care and preparation with which you come to the ceremony. This article will cover a few of the most pressing notes on how to properly prepare for the Ayahuasca Ceremony. Proper preparation is essential in ensuring you get the most from your Ayahuasca experience. No matter which retreat you visit or who leads the ceremony, in the end your freedom of choice will determine how the experience will go. If you hope to delve deeply into the wealth of spiritual and energetic realm of the medicinal experience, you will want to pay attention to these points. After all, if you are going to go to the great lengths that are required to reach this level of insight, you will do well to invest equally into the preparations of self, mind and body that are involved in enhancing the overall functionality of the experience, so as to walk away with more than merely a vague memory of some hallucinations and sick feeling like you haven’t felt in a long time. This is often the case when people who are ‘clogged up’ both spiritually and physically attempt to take this potent medication. If the energy channels of the body are not in line the application of Ayahuasca can’t be expected to be even slightly effective. ayahausca preparationTo avoid this, preparation will work to create a space within your body where the medicine can do its work. A diet of clean natural foods and a high ratio of veggies and fruits with minimal animal products and processed foods is a good way to live, but essential to getting the most of an Ayahuasca Experience.

  Much in the same way you will need to forego all medications that you may be taking. In this case it highly encouraged that you let your medical care provider know of your intentions to lay of meds for this experience. It would also be advisable to let the retreat that will be hosting your experience know about the nature of any medications you have been taking regularly or are taking at the moment so they can be more aware of the situation. There are also a few items that would be a benefit to have on hand. Warm clothes are an important must, make sure they can be added and removed easily. Flashlights, water and depending … read more

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Ayahausca Spirit Path

plant medicineThere are many spirit pathways to healing and wholeness. The path of Ayahausca and plant medicine is one of them.  The journey of Ayahausca to healing is not to be taken lightly.

Walking the path of the shaman and training is a path that requires intense commitment to personal healing as you develop the ability to heal others. Shamans of the amazon rain forest are the medicine man/woman of the indigenous people. There are many schools in which you can enroll to train for the spirit pathway of ayahausca, yet realize this is not a simple course of action. You will be required to face all of your stuff, your issues, the good, the bad and the ugly. The four directions carry powerful teachings and once you embark upon this course of action, there is no going back. Sure you can quit, you can stop, but the seeds of self-awareness and the burning of karma has begun and the walk through the dark night of the soul most complete itself for you to experience the light of the morning.

Ayahausca is considered one of the oldest known healing methods. Evidence from pre-Columbian rock drawings suggests hundreds of years of ayahausca use in the Amazon, although Western scientists and explorers have only been exposed to the brew over the last 150 years. In 1851 British plant explorer, Richard Spruce, discovered the Tukanoan Indians in the upper Rio Negro region of the Brazilian Amazon using a liana (vine) known as caapi to induce a state of intoxication.

Ecuadorian geographer Villavicencio first mentioned ayahausca in 1858 while he was exploring the jungles of Ecuador. He described how the source of the drink was a vine used to foresee the future battle plans of enemies, diagnose illness, determine which spells were used and which to use, welcome foreign travelers, and insure the love of their womenfolk (Shultes, 1961).

Villavicencio took the drink himself and described the experience of “flying” to marvelous places. The effects of Ayahausca can be very intense and profound; a deep energetic cleansing will take place as well as the processing and resolving of traumatic experiences.

shamanShamanism and the Spiritual Medicine Path. Brazilian Shamanism and the Amazonian plant teacher, Ayahausca. Also known as the Mother, Grandmother, the Vine of the Soul or the vine of Death. Walking the medicine path as a spiritual journey might be challenging but also extremely profound … read more

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